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  • Apr 2018

Being Different for Your Big Day by Enjoying The elements of Surprise With Analog Camera

When you live in the digital era, but you want something different for your big day; analog photography can be the best option. The pictures are permanent, it is an easy way to be different and tell a story to the rest, your pictu

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  • Jan 2018

Vanilla Twilight with Chic Style in Your Big Day

If you looking for a simple yet elegant theme for you wedding day, Christopher and Anastasia definitely can be the inspiration. Their concept from the wedding invitation, customs, holy matrimony, reception, and souvenir are lo

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  • Dec 2016

Tips memilih Cincin Pernikahan

Referensi Referensi merupakan langkah awal untuk menentukan cincin pernikahan yang kita inginkan, dengan fasilitas yang serba digital, referensi bisa di dapatkan dari website hingga social media dari toko perhiasan atau blog ya

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  • Jun 2016

Best Indoor Locations Prewedding in Yogyakarta

ROASTER AND BEAR Coffe shop located in Jalan Tugu Mangkubumi precisely in the south of Yogyakarta, a coffe shop newcomer in this student city. With the concept of a minimalist interior and slightly vintage through property at p

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  • Apr 2016

Best Outdoor Locations Prewedding in Semarang

BROWN CANYON Standing two solid rock under the sky Semarang, look artistic and inadvertently formed which was originally a hill is now a project area of ​​excavation. Excavation projects